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Dette innlegg er eldre enn 4 år og kan være utdatert.

When the man said – You can make it if you try
You stood up and said – Oh no not I
I come from a family where we stay on the tree
And when we’re ripe we’re eaten by the birds

– by the birds –

And when the bird has eaten all I am
I will give him strength to fly away
And he will carry me into the sky
And far away together we shall fly

Over mountain, seas and folded plains
Through the summer sun and winter rains
I shall be the feathers on his wings
And I shall be the morning song he sings

And through the palace garden to his limb
I will be the light directing him
And I will give him all the help he’ll need
To bear unto the king compassion seed

– the seed –

And when I am a larksong on the earth
Unto the king a love of life I’ll bear
That in his heart compassion might give birth
That peace may reign once more upon the earth

  Jeffrey Cain, fra ‘For You’, 1970


Jo SelsjordJo Selsjord
Jo Selsjord
Nesoddinnvandrer fra omkring 1980; ydmyk og stolt amatør i det meste; evig interessert kverulant for Nesoddens mulige fremgang.

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